Message From Guardians

For all 'Oneforall' websites (which are all owned by Universal Electronics BV located in Enschede) to work properly, we need to collect certain basic information from you as its visitor. To collect this information our site will create small text files known as ‘cookies’ and place them on your computer automatically. These cookies are designed to allow the website and the user of such cookies to recognize its users on subsequent visits, or for a particular purpose. In general cookies allow your experience of the Internet and our website much smoother, faster and more interactive. For example, they are used to remember your preferences on our website, your account and user ID and what you were clicking on or willing to purchase. In some cases, such cookies ensure that advertisement is then relevant to your website behavior. Although most data is used for statistical and analytical purposes, and therefore anonymous, some of the data can (indirectly) identify your computer and approximate geographical location and connect them to the website behavior as mentioned above.

Birendra Mahato