We can do a lot of fun things with Google which are lesser known to us despite using Google as a search engine in our daily lives. Lets see what crazy things we can do with Google.

1. Zerg Rush:- You can type "Zerg Rush" in Google search bar and the results are eaten away by O`s. After eating results, small O`s coming from the bottom of the page rearrange themselves to form GG shape. You can click on these O`s to kill them.

2. Blink HTML:-  Just search for "Blink HTML" in google. Yes! wherever these two words appear in search results, they will blink continuosly.

3. Atari Breakout:- Searching for "Atari Breakout" in Google Image search bar starts an arcade game.You can enjoy playing this classic game.

4. Tic Tac Toe:- You can play tic tact toe with google. This is done by typing "tic tac toe" in google search bar.

5. Google in 1998:- If you search for "Google in 1998" in Google, you will be taken to Google page which has layout similar to the one used by Google in 1998.

6. Do a barrel roll:- When anyone types into Google "Do a barrel roll", google screen will roll like a barrel.

7. Askew:- Your screen will tilt a little when you enter the word "askew" in search bar of Google.

There are other tricks related to google. Stay tuned to Nectar Digit`s blog to know more about technology.